New for 2021

We are open in (the beautiful) St.Mary’s Church and hall from Saturday 3rd July to Sunday 11th July, from 11 - 5 daily.
St.Mary’s inside church
St.Mary’s inside church

So, it's about 3 weeks until the FROME FESTIVAL and FROME OPEN ART TRAIL 2021!!
We're busy organising the 'Covid risk assessment', planning when to hold the 'Meet the Artist' session and planning which cakes to bake to go with our tea and coffee, and looking forward to meeting all our visitors!
More details to follow but we will be at St.Marys Church, FROME, BA11 2LN.

Oh my goodness, I've been so busy, I forgot to write any news for April.
Well, I have finished my party house painting! This is based on a house I lived in in the 90's in Bath. The characters are loosely based on the people who lived there, or visited.
Party House

But, mostly whats been taking up my time is drawing of the more technical front.... plans for relocating my garage/workshop space and wrap around extension... (eek!)
extension plans

My favourite month!
I am hoping to take part in this years FROME OPEN ART TRAIL, and am currently arranging to book St. Mary's church hall... watch this space..
St. Davids with Daffs

This month I have (mostly) been working on a painting based on a house I lived in in Bath, in the late 90's.
Also influenced by one of my favourite children's books, Hocus Pocus. (can't remember who it's by...will find out).

Originally starting as a personal project, with a view to making prints and cards, I am now thinking of co-creating a poem book with my Mum!
Here's a little sneak preview...

So what would you like to see me paint in 2021?
As I do calendars, once every 2 years, I'm thinking maybe a coastal theme..
Have you got a favourite coastal town you'd like to see in an Amy Yates style painting?
Let me know through the contact form!
Pink Polperro